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SquidCam 1.6.1

  • Publisher:SquidSoft
  • Version:1.6.1
  • Operation System:Mac OS 10.1.5 or later
  • License:Freeware
  • File Size:626 KB

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SquidCam 1.6.1Description

Videoconferencing app. SquidCam is a videoconferencing application is intended for use with internet connections (including modems!), enabling conversations among two or more people.It includes audio and video connectivity, text messaging, as well as a video answering machine. Features low latency, audio output device selection, and more. SquidCam currently communicates only with other SquidCam clients.SquidCam is a video chat application intended for use with broadband connections. It enables you to have a conversation with one or more people using SquidCam over a network (LAN and/or Internet) connection. SquidCam features audio and video connectivity, as well as text messaging, all without the need of a special service. Feature highlights include:A convenient, hands-free audio setup Extremely low latency compared to other video and VoIP applications No user limits: converse with as many people as your connection can handle LANcast mode for multi-person conferences over a local network Compatibility with hundreds of audio and video input devices (incl. USB and FireWire) Audio output device selection: chat using a headset while playing iTunes through your speakers Text messaging Your gateway to free long distance No advertisements, no monthly service fees, no hassleThe SquidCam client can communicate with other SquidCam clients regardless of what platform (OS X or Windows) is currently in use: OS XWindows WindowsWindows OS XOS XSquidCam is fully comptaible with dictation software, such as iListen from MacSpeech, Inc. We highly recommend this software if you require speech-to-text services (e.g. hands-free text communication with a deaf friend/client).Requirements:Any Macintosh computer running MacOS X (minimum of 10.1.5 recommended; compatible with MacOS X 10.2) or Windows (Win2k or WinXP recommended) with access to a TCP/IP (LAN and/or Internet) connection. A microphone and camera are not necessary, but obviously allow you to send audio and video during your communications session. At this time, SquidCam will only communicate with other SquidCam clients.What's New in This Release:1.6.1 is a maintenance release

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